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Difference between HTML document and HTML program

Difference between HTML document and HTML program -

Written by bitcolon

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July 6, 2020

Before, getting into the topic, make sure you clear you what is HTML? HTML is Hypertext Markup Language. It falls into the category of scripting languages. Programs written using these languages are not compiled, but directly feed to some kind of interpreter, and it reads them, you see the output.

Technically speaking, HTML is also a scripting languages means, once you write HTML, there is no need of further processing. You can directly supply it to web browser for final use. Apart from HTML, you are required to utilise CSS (Cascaded Style Sheets) and JavaScript to design the better web pages. We will see that in some other post.

HTML is the markup language for creating web pages. Web pages are the files that are shared mutually over the internet and viewed in web browsers. When you open the web page you see some kind of structure, a menu bar, sidebars, sliders, text paragraphs, videos, images, and so on. 

These all are parts of HTML document. HTML document comprises of different elements known as tags. Generally, HTML supports paragraphs, images, title, anchors, lists, images, etc.


Difference between HTML document and HTML program -
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What is HTML Document?

HTML document is a file that contains HTML script. As mentioned earlier, the HTML is a scripting language. HTML is used for designing the web pages.

You can use predefined tags to create semantically correct web pages. You can embed videos, social media posts, other web pages inside current one, and so on.


What is HTML Program?

HTML program is nothing but the script written into an HTML document.

Actually, many developers don’t recognise HTML as a programming language. Even, you might have came across memes, like, someone is going to hack NASA using HTML, etc.

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So, finally, I hope your doubt is cleared now.

If you have any questions regarding HTML, or how to get started using HTML? How to design beautiful web pages? How to use CSS to style the web pages?

Kindly, get in touch with us in the comments section.

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