How to capture the full-screen in chrome without extension

In order to capture the screen, you use a different kind of extensions or plugins in Google Chrome browser. Sometimes, just to get a little screenshot you are required to waste your valuable time & data to install the third-party extension. It’s time-consuming for just a bit of task which could have been achieved without heavy processing power. Just by using built-in functionality provided in Google Chrome

Keep the screen open that you want to capture.

Press the combination Ctrl + Shift + J

This will open the Google Chrome Developer Console.

Now press Ctrl + Shift + P

This will open common Chrome task shortcuts.

In order to achieve your goal you just need to choose tasks relating to capturing the screen.

Select the appropriate task and your screen capture journey will start.

Good luck with your capturing activity.

Congrats! You just updated yourself with a short and simple trick to avoid the extra burden.


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